Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Day 7: Jack-in-the-Box



I know it’s coming;
the crank turns, incessant.
I’ve been ‘round this mulberry bush
watched the thin, green leaves
flutter in the breeze—
more so with the monkey giving chase.
Why the pursuit, though?
The weasel kicks up dirt and grass,
and the monkey fights through
the earthen cloud,
an acrid scent rising from the animals’
torn path.
Both run in step to distorted music,
notes that lull me every time,
lure me in to the rhythm of the chase,
dizzy me while I watch,
round and round and—
This one is a little fun, a play on an old toy and the song it plays.  I tried to play in the song, with the idea of being surprised by something we know will happen underlying it.  The concept was to build in imagery around the song while also working in a little depth to ways we think about the toy and the game of playing with it.

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