Monday, April 20, 2015

Day 17-ish: Boating in the Deep


Boating in the Deep

We push off and start to row;
hard, steady strokes
ripple gently the quiet lake.
A bit of water pools,
tickles sandaled toes
and we laugh and flex,
proclaim our powerful rowing
will splash a whole lake
into our boat.
Farther and deeper
our strokes slow;
the laughter falters
while the pool rises.
We reach down,
find and cover the leak—
but another appears,
water bubbles in,
and we scramble.
Knees press wet metal;
fingers fumble over
patches and plugs and buckets.
We bail frantically the rocking hull,
shout competing instructions
while one oar floats
toward purple and red-streaked horizon
and the fading shore.
This poem reflects something most people have experienced at one point or another: the building up of concerns from something we can laugh off to a compilation that becomes overwhelming.  I worked to create a contrast between the idyllic scene and the human emotion within it, a reflection of an outside world moving quietly, steadily forward despite the human turmoil occurring within it.
In writing poetry, both this poem and more generally, I worked to avoid editorializing, letting emotional impact and any ideas emerge from the visual and auditory cues.  Hopefully this allows the poem to resonate very differently for different readers.

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